@etribune "If you are a widow and have no place to go to, then get married"- the official advises the woman, while evicting her from FC Area Karachi.

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احتجاج کے بغیر جمہوریت مکمل نہیں ہوتی؟؟ امیر عباس نے اہم انکشاف کر دیا

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@newsonepk @Sajjadmir47 @salimbokhari @ameerabbas84 @jawabdeyh @_baqai Cipher was read and declassified by PMIK, the whole NSC was present and agreed for demarche but after RCO, who narrative was toppled and @OfficialDGISPR had to restrict his Twitter usage. If true investigation is to be made, rest assure many others will be exposed.

@newsonepk @Sajjadmir47 @salimbokhari @ameerabbas84 @jawabdeyh @_baqai Btw unfollowed you guys. Don't want paid lifafa media on my timeline.

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