The Dharna politics going on in Islamabad and it being a very bad precedence for the future is a point of debate which the saner group of discussants, keep bringing up. However the utter blunders committed by the sitting government in their efforts to handle this particular crises from model town incident to the issue of FIR and lastly the handling of COAS interaction have given the protesters a moral high ground and government has lost credibility. Moreover I think there is more to this than what meets the eye…. There are very powerful string pullers who are orchestrating this. They have a definite agenda towards which this entire episode is geared. People say it is scripted and what has perhaps strengthened it is the disillusionment of the people with the delivering capacity of parliamentary form of government. The arrogance and unaccountability of the so called elected government, the absolute disenfranchisement of enfranchised.

The reason why it inspite of all its negativity may leave a positive impact on the polity of Pakistan is that this is a serious wake up call for the politicians of Pakistan who will have to respond to public sentiment. The media has also been exposed. its polarity and monopoly needs to be revisited where a not so successful sit in terms of numbers has been able to generate the requisite pressure on the sitting government, how a so called king maker news channel has been reduced to the fringes and its opponent thrives and adds a new dimension to the drama every day and perhaps how the movers and shakers of Pakistani politics have had to build a case to emerge as the adult in the room. These are all developments that leave a very heavy footprint on the polity of Pakistan.