People across the world, including Pakistan, hailed Muskan Khan, a resident of India’s Karnataka state, for braving threats and heckling by a far-right Hindu mob outside her college.

Many leading voices expressed concerns over the rising intolerance in the Indian society against minorities, especially against Muslims .

Talking to BOL News, The Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) Associate Professor of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Dr Huma Baqai said: “Hijab is a choice, it should neither be imposed nor taken away by force.”

Dr Baqai has been consistently speaking about victimisation in India and has been vocal about it on social networking sites, as well.

“I think India is on a slippery slope and Hindutva is now dismantling Indian secularism, Indian constitutionalism, and Indian democratic norms,” she added.

“It is now high time that the Indian think tanks give a pushback to this toxicity, which is going to do the damage that would be irreversible,” she warned.

Dr Baqai said that the Indian state is committed to a toxic ideology that endorses genocide of the Muslims, caste system, and religious exclusivity.

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