Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert): It is not only the Indian Muslims but entire India is in protest against the discriminatory citizenship bill passed by the Indian government. It is against democratic laws, humanitarian laws, and international laws as well. The bill is against all the minorities living in India for generations. The students and civil society is protesting as they have been deprived of their identities. It is literally marginalizing a huge section of people in the country. There is no other example in the entire world where citizens are excluded from their citizenship. What Modi’s government is doing with minorities is humiliating. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his two-nation theory clearly stated that the Hindus and the Muslims are two different nations who cannot be merged into one another in political, religious, or even socio-cultural ways. Alongside its valiant armed forces, the entire nation is ready to effectively respond to the Indian tactic of hybrid warfare.


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