Author: Dr. Huma Baqai
Number of pages: 1

Science is like religion. It has the potential of being used as an ideological weapon by people with ill intention. People/public usually because of their limited knowledge of science will hesitate from asking piercing questions of pseudo- scientific demagogues. The scientific jargons are impressive giving casual statements a veneer of rationality. The politicians and the industry love to use this rationality to their advantage. Media is the tool. However, scientists also use the media as a tool to spread information, gain popularity and make money. They also use it as scare tactic. The media personnel or journalists will also use science to inform the public and for personal gains. The end result is sensationalization of science by all the stake holders. The power of media and science combined is over whelming and can be dangerous. The aim should be to create more linkages between the two and aim for a more harmonious relationship than the one that exist now.


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