A Study of Non Traditional Sources of Conflict in South Asia which exacerbate existing conflicts.

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Author: Dr. Huma Baqai
Number of pages: 114
Published at: 2011-05-12

Conflict remains a South Asian reality with a unilateral focus on territorial security. Nonetheless, an attempt has been made in this book to look into the non-traditional sources of conflict in the region with a special focus on Pakistan and India. The thrust of this research is premised on two specifics. First, the non-traditional security paradigm is a consequence of the widening of security studies into different variants and a result of the world’s quest for a sustainable peace in the post-Cold War era. Second, if the non-traditional causes of conflict are not managed, they will not only exacerbate existing conflicts but have the potential of growing into full-fledged conflicts. Peacemaking is a complex process. It is not just linked to the military lesions but is also inclusive of socio-political, economic, and cultural relations among states, and must aim at changing the threat perception of the protagonist. The people are aspiring for a durable peace and better living conditions. Economic, political, social and moral logic calls for it.

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