It is interesting how a certain mind set will blame everything happening on their land because of their lack of ability and political will on outside forces, whether it is the abduction of girls in Nigeria or Polio in Pakistan. You may be right but when you have troubled waters, people will come to fish.

  • Why have forces like Boko Haram allowed to exist prosper and grow in Nigeria?
  • Why has the Muslim world not responded to this crises and criticized it?
  • Why did it take the Nigerian government 3 days to come up with a policy statement?
  • Why don’t we have the courage to say that the proponents of extremism in the Muslim world should be addressed by us with an iron hand?
  • Why do we continue to tolerate them a peace them?

Tolerance, Secularism and Open mindedness are qualities that distinguish an honest from that of a dishonest one. This is not what I’m saying but what judge Morgan Freeman said in “Bonfire of the vanities”.