Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert): It is appreciable that Indian public has finally realized that India’s political leadership is leading India towards its destruction and tarnishing India’s  secular face.PM Imran Khan has rightly warned the world regarding alarming situation at LoC. It is highly possible that BJP led government can commit any misadventure at LoC to hide its own failures to control nationwide spread protests. Indian civil society is taking jibe at Modi’s hegemonic and Hindutva policies. BJP leadership is in hot waters due to its fascist approach towards minorities and specially Muslims living in India. Actions speak louder than words and international community should intervene to avoid any confrontation between two nuclear states. Pakistan believes in peace but our security forces are capable enough to give befitting response to any aggressive move of India. The international community should realize that any confrontation between two nuclear states can bring catastrophic consequences.


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