Huma Baqai is a content developer, organizer and a certified Corporate Trainer on Liberalism and Politics. She has spent more than a decade facilitating clients and their employees to execute on strategy, vision, and values.

She teaches leaders and organizations simple, practical and pragmatic strategies that help them to engage and empower their teams in a way that inspires them to challenge the limits. She conducts trainings and Presentations on Communication and Negotiation Skills at Center for Executive Education, IBA Karachi since 2008 to date, and has conducted  hundred plus trainings till now.

She has been trained in different institutions known as Bentley University, USA(Certification on Global Business Ethics Symposium and Faculty in 2012) Gummers Bach Institute of Leadership, Germany (Three Certifications on Concepts and Perspectives of Liberalism and Policies for the Future in 1998, 2002 and 2003) Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Islamabad(Trainings on Counters of Liberalism, Freedom and Market Economy and Training for Facilitators in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004) International Labor Organization, Turin, Italy ( Certification on Promotion of Women Human Rights in 2001) Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (Director Orientation Workshop, 2017) National Business Education Accreditation Council ( NBEAC Evaluators Training, 2010) Narejo Human Resources Pvt. Ltd., and IBA Karachi ( Managing Individual Performance for IBA’s Strategic Success, 2009 and 2010) TerraBiz (Leading & Managing in Times of Crisis: Crisis to Opportunity, 2009)


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