Can our national assembly revert or would it be allowed to discuss 34 nation Saudi lead USA proposed coalition. May its more refund shape of 1.5 billions $ army for sale deal?

We have abroad agreed to be a part of the coalition. However, Sartaj Aziz was not able to fully defend it in the Senate. Civil society and lawmakers are skeptical of it. Its dimensions are vague. You may find my article on the given below link to be useful regarding your question. http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=283698

Salaam Doc, read your profile & I feel your analysis can be trusted. Having said I would like to ask if the Govt of Pak entertains the demands of PTI / PAT then wouldn’t this sets a precedent for any group of couple thousand to have sit-in in front of the Parliament and topple the next government? By: Syed Hyder Quadri – Los Angeles / USA

The Dharna politics going on in Islamabad and it being a very bad precedence for the future is a point of debate which the saner group of discussants, keep bringing up. However the utter blunders committed by the sitting government in their efforts to handle this particular crises from model town incident to the issue [...]

Nawaz Sharif visit to India is an acceptance that India is now a hegemonic state in South Asia. Is it a case? By: Malik Wajahat – Kohat

Nawaz Sharif visit to India was an act of positivism, had he declined the international community would have given it a bad connotation. However the Indians turned it into a winner for themselves by after giving red carpet welcome to Nawaz Sharif, pulled a fast one on Pakistan by harping on the usual terrorism theme. [...]

From my point of view when PML (N) formed the government i was very optimistic that with his economist will take us to where we were supposed to be. But the way he is handling the things like a weak leader he will soon end up in a mess and history might repeat itself. Threats like internal divide with 4 provinces running their own horses, incompetent intelligence agencies, media war, FATA and many more. A strong hand with discipline in mind might end all of this in good would you agree? By: Malik Wajahat – Kohat

1 year of Nawaz Sharif government has unleashed a lot of disillusionment, largely because the strategy to buy off opposition all the time does not work. The vision and tight rope walking that is required to remain politically viable in Pakistan is completely missing. His kitchen cabinet is also not on the same page. Everyone [...]

Is Nigerian Girls’ incident a decoy or distraction from MH-370 (a US-China Cyber Warfare)? Or the beginning of another US-EU-UN-Nato led terrorism? Any comments plz?By: Kamran – Rawalpindi

It is interesting how a certain mind set will blame everything happening on their land because of their lack of ability and political will on outside forces, whether it is the abduction of girls in Nigeria or Polio in Pakistan. You may be right but when you have troubled waters, people will come to fish. [...]

Institutions of all kinds shape our behavior be it economic, political or social behavior. How should institutions be designed in order to foster a sustainable economic and social development?

Institutions must be developed by popular consensus which is inclusive of religion, culture and belief systems. At the same time in this globalized world international law, norms and practices also have to be a part of any institutional framework consensus. The first component identified has a lot of value because it allows indigenous concerns to [...]

Should the ISI be a separate arm of Service like other three services, the fourth arm? Army already has MI so why they are so worried about controlling ISI?By: S.M.Bilal – Islamabad

Army is not just worried about controlling ISI, which of course is its very important strategic arm to both control domestic and foreign policy issues, the army wants to overtly or covertly control everything. In their eyes, the civilian set up are inefficient, weak and corrupt and can't be trusted with determining or taking care [...]

Do you think that the role of men has changed in Pakistan for the better?By: Asad Aamir – Pakistan

The role of men is in transition. It's not a question of better or worse, it is a question of changing societal, cultural, and political dynamics. What perhaps has catalyzed this change, is the changing economic paradigms. The recent studies have proven beyond doubt that the market is more open to women workers and women [...]

What in your opinion are the 3 major problems for Pakistan in current times and what is the solution?By: Asim Siddiqui – USA

Lack of education, lack of education and lack of education. Invest in human resource, we need to revert to being a developmental state. We have been a security state for too long. The cost is too high.

What in your opinion Zulfiqar Mirza trying to do and who is actually behind him?By: Seema Raza – Hyderabad

He is a misguided missile, but the phenomenon is also indicative of the fracturing elite consensus, which can be a new beginning in the polity of Pakistan.

What is your opinion on Imran Khan being termed as “Man backed by Establishment or Agencies”?By: Anwer Ali – Karachi

The Man surely has some kind of backing. He has been able to gain the trust of the masses and triggers the imagination of the youth and the educated urban elite. Even if he is not the establishment guy, his new found political standing, can be of great value to them.

What do you think on memogate scandal and do you think current political set-up has ability or will to handle it?By: Amir – Karachi

The current memogate scandal is a direct reflection on Pakistan’s civil military relations. The PPP government has always had a very uneasy relationship with the security establishment of Pakistan. The recent concerns of United States viz-a-viz Pakistan’s regional role are also linked to the clout that the Pakistan military establishment has on its foreign policy. [...]

What is your opinion on recent Karachi killings and what is the solution.By: Sqaib Ali – Islamabad

The recent spate of killings in Karachi is indicative of institutional breakdown and also the fact that Karachi is largely run by the informal sector. It is also about ownership of the city with all the stakeholders including those in the government using the street to demonstrate their power potential. It has ethnic, political, economic [...]

It seems Pakistan Army controls Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. Do you agree? Is this strategically correct for Pakistan? Is this common with other countries like , USA, Britain, India, China etc.By: Amjad Baig – Karachi

Countries that live under the shadow of looming threats will allow their security institutions to have a say in their foreign policy decisions. The most recent example is the rising role of the American military in policy making. However Pakistan’s case is different, here the threat perception of India did not allow other institutions to [...]

What is your comment on war on terror and its future impacts in coming years?By: Sameer Ali – Texas

We in Pakistan are fighting our own indigenous war on terror. And we don’t have an option. It has impacted us negatively and will continue to do so. It is a decision we have to live with. The real war is of hearts and minds and saving our youth.

Can Pakistan and India become friends? If yes, how?By: Gopal Singh – India

200 percent yes. War is not an option. We have tried all forms of confrontations and paid a very high cost of conflict. Lets invest in peace now.

Do you see Pakistan and US relationship breaking permanently?By: Hina Akram – Karachi

No, we both hate each other and at the same time need each other. We will continue to see the swing model however the constraint and compulsions on Pakistan’s side remain high. And our options remain extremely limited.

Can Pakistan survive current internal political and economic challenges?By: Yasir Ali – Lahore

Pakistan may survive the internal political chaos but what is bringing Pakistan down and may results in its collapse is its economic failure, unless something is done on a war footing.

In your opinion who will be the next party to rule Pakistan? Will the democratic system continue?By: Sadia Jan – Quetta

Coalition…. Democracy should continue

What is your opinion on Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Chudry Shujat Husain?By: Ameer Ahmed – USA

You live with what you have got . Imran Khan can’t take a solo flight.

What is the solution to Islamic Fundamentalism and Baluchistan Problem?By: Anwer Imran – Pakistan

Education…. Education and Education. As for Baluchistan we should only be looking at political solutions and dialogue and moreover remember if we lose Baluchistan, Pakistan will be country without geography.

Did ISI really double crossed on Osama with US? Or entire Osama incident is faked by US military to pressurize Pakistan and gain US public support before next elections?By: Asim Shah – New York

Conspiracy theories will always be there. Some of them are also at least partly true. But the reality is that the world functions under popular perceptions. Some people say 9/11 was also faked, but it has changed the course of world politics. The Osama incident will haunt Pakistan-US relations for a very long time to [...]