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Book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’ launched | 25.12.2022

Book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’ launched

Book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’ launched


December 25, 2022


KARACHI-The grand launch event of the latest book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’, written by Imran H. Khan was held at a local hotel here in Karachi on Saturday.

The chief guest at the event was Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, Former Chairman, Senate of Pakistan. Imran H. Khan has always been drawn to the world of storytelling. He is a seasoned professional who has delved into the deep realms of creativity and penned down a riveting fictional novel.

His extensive experience establishing his own biotechnology company gave him a unique perspective on the deadly friction between the haves and have nots of the corporate world. This explosive and all too real unfolding scenario of clashing head-on with the powerful and even murderous elite, is the backdrop of his latest novel.

A number of notable personalities attended the event as speakers which included Senator (retired)) Javed Jabbar, Ameena Saiyid, Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, Professor Huma Baqai and Professor Kaleem Raza Khan. In his speech, Senator Raza Rabbani highlighted how Pakistan’s most prominent novelists in the past decade have one thing in common, and that is they’re all out of Pakistan. He shed light on how we no longer have the coffee culture that induced and instigated new ideas. “I believe, under the present circumstances, this novel is a breath of fresh air. Imran H. Khan has written an amazingly fast-paced novel. He may have penned a fictional novel, but I would call it fictional reality with the way he has drawn parallels with the real world.”  Imran H. Khan expressed his deep gratitude to the organizers and the participants of the event. He shed light on his journey of writing the novel and said, “The backdrop of the book and the reason why I wrote this novel is to bring to light the drastic imbalance of power and wealth is something we need to be worried about.” He further said, “It has indeed journey of learning to get to this point. I want to thank the organizers, my mentor for helping me in this journey.”



Professor Abid Azhar speaking at the event said, “I have read this book multiple times now. Being closely associated with Imran H. Khan; recognizing his passion and drive, I can see how this book has become a reality. This book is a culmination of his relentless thirst for learning. I congratulate Imran on the successful launch of his amazing book and would encourage all of you to read it.”

Mr. Kaleem Raza Khan, one of the honorable speakers at the event shared his thoughts and commended Imran H. Khan’s style of writing. His excellent use of metaphors transports one into a world on its own; as if you’re watching a movie.

Professor Huma Baqai stated, “Fact is stronger than fiction; and when fiction is written with facts in mind, it creates something like no other. Imran H. Khan’s novel will truly resonate with you as he bases every aspect of his novel with the real world.”

Amongst the speakers was Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, Resident Editor Dawn and a renowned writer. He said, “A successful writer is one who can create an ambiance for the reader. That is exactly what the writer has done.

Amina Saiyid OBE said she started off the book with thoughts that she’d complete it in 10 days. She said she completed it in 3 days straight. “The book is not only fast-paced and action packed, it is so grounded in reality that it resonates with the reader.”

Senator Javed Jabbar in his speech said, “Each speaker has truly done justice to the book. What a pleasure it was to read. One of the reasons why I found it riveting was how it is so fast-paced. Yet it is very clear and precise with the flip of every page. It reminded me of our beloved Pakistan and how we can lack the intellectual freedom and the right environment to have writers like Imran H. Khan come to light.”

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