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Worse than Cold War by Dr. Huma Baqai

https://pakobserver.net/worse-than-cold-war/   Dr Huma Baqai THE largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history happened as a response to nerve agent attack in the UK, in show of solidarity that represents the biggest concerted blow to the Russian intelligence networks in the west since the Cold War. Raj Shah, a White House spokesperson, said, [...]

Ghani’s Peace offer: Talks with Taliban by Dr.Huma Baqai


The Bajwa Doctrine by Dr Huma Baqai

https://pakobserver.net/the-bajwa-doctrine/   THE Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a leading British think tank, has titled Pakistan’s push back to the United States as the “Bajwa Doctrine.” In fact, it says, the doctrine is biting back hard against threats issued by the American Administration. It also says Pakistan appears far more confident than it was in [...]

Peace recipe: ‘India is in, Pakistan is out’?

Published in Pakistan Observer https://pakobserver.net/peace-recipe-india-pakistan/ The crux of President Trump’s South Asia Policy is “India is in” and “Pakistan is out.” This turnaround is embedded in the shift in Washington focus from being Asia specific to Indo specific to counter the new power dynamics of South Asia, where US now views China more than just [...]

Pakistan Pavilion has presented a new image of Pakistan in Davos World Economic Forum

Published in Express Urdu Newspaper https://www.express.pk/story/1091941/1/  عالمی سطح پر بہت سے پلیٹ فارم اور فورم موجود ہیں جہاں دنیا بھر کے ممالک کی نمائندگی ہوتی ہے اور ہر کوئی ایک دوسرے کے تجربات سے سیکھنے کی کوشش کرتا ہے لیکن سوئیٹزرلینڈ کے شہر ڈیووس میں ہونے والا ورلڈ اکنامک فورم (World Economic Forum) خاص اہمیت [...]

Pak – US Ties: A Realignment

Pak - US Ties: A Realignment Published by Pakistan Observer: https://pakobserver.net/pak-us-ties-realignment/ PAKISTAN and US relations are a text book case of political realism. Since 1947, the construct of convergence between the two states is ambiguous. The engagement is compulsion driven. On more than one occasion, both the states have pursued divergent interest trajectories sabotaging each other’s [...]

Dr.Huma Baqai’s analysis in Jang Forum Report ‘ World Economic Forum’ about Importance and Impact of Pakistan’s Economy. Published on 12 Feb 2018 in Daily Jang Karachi.


Dr. Huma Baqai speaking as a Panelist at a session titled ‘ Electronic media: Making and breaking the news’ on the second day of the Karachi Literature Festival held at Beach Luxury Hotel on 11- Feb- 2018

The News International gave complete coverage. Please visit website for further information below. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/279435-media-should-aim-to-be-accurate-instead-of-being-first-to-report-breaking-news    

Dr Huma Baqai is conducting Jang Forum on ” World Economic Forum, ‘Importance and impact on Friday 9Feb2018’

Pakistan at DAVOS by Dr.Huma Baqai

  https://pakobserver.net/pakistan-at-davos/ Dr Huma Baqai CREATING a shared future in a fractured world was the theme of the World Economic Forum which was held on January 25th, 2018 at Davos, Switzerland. The positive thing about Pakistan was that the view put forward was not fractured. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Mr. Bilawal Bhutto, the [...]

Dr. Huma Baqai as a speaker in the seminar on ” Protection Against Harassment Of Women at Work Place” organised by the office of Ombudsman Sindh with the collaboration of YSR on 31 Jan,2018

Dr. Huma Baqai’s Kabul visit: Invited to track II diplomacy Afghanistan 2-Dec-2017

Tharparker visit organized by IBA Community welfare Society on 24-12-2017

Dr. Huma Baqai representing Pakistan at World Economic Forum 23-01-2018 in DAVOS Switzerland

China’s Peacemaker Role in Afghanistan

China’s Peacemaker Role in Afghanistan                                    By: Huma Baqai https://pakobserver.net/chinas-peacemaker-role-afghanistan/ North Korean is not the only country where China’s influence can bring about profound behavioral change. A very important conflict prone country can be prodded towards pro peace initiatives if China has more space in the equation. It is Afghanistan. China is the only neutral [...]

Pak Afghan Dosti

Pak Afghan Dosti By: Dr. Huma Baqai   A group of media anchors and analysts visited Afghanistan, early December as a part of track II diplomacy initiative supported by the regional peace and stability program of, Freiderich Ebert Stiftung (FES) – a German political think-tank which has been running the Pak-Afghan Track II project since [...]

The Panama Verdict

By Dr. Huma Baqai Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s present indictment is a function of his own doing. However, the predictions of Pakistan being in a state of perilous uncertainty seem to be over-stretched. The transition is streamlined and smooth. For now, the continuity of the Sharif grip is assured. Nawaz may not be the [...]

Pakistan-US Relations; NO EXIT

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/pakistan-us-relations-no-exit/ The title of Daniel S. Markey’s book “No exit from Pakistan, America’s tortured relationship with Islamabad”, was published in 2004. It holds more true today than ever before. Pakistan in its 70 years’ relation with US has swung from being the most sanctioned ally to a non-NATO ally. Pak-US relations [...]

Pak-Afghan border fencing

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/pak-afghan-border-fencing-2/ When Berlin wall was torn down a quarter-century ago, there were 16 border fences around the world. Presently, there are 65 either completed or under construction. In Belfast, they are called peace lines and are 99 in number that separate Catholic and Protestant communities. Israel’s wall is called the apartheid wall. [...]

The Fear Factor

Published in South Asia: http://southasia.com.pk/Images/archives/2017/sa-april17.pdf

Bab-e-Dosti Reopens: For How Long?

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/bab-dosti-reopens-long/ PAKISTAN has reopened Bab-i-Dosti also called the Friendship Gate at Chaman on humanitarian grounds in Ramazan, after 22 days of closure on the request of Afghan authorities. The border was closed on May 5 after Afghan forces martyred 11 Pakistanis, including a soldier and injured many others. The Afghan border police [...]

One Belt, One Road through Global Lens

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/one-belt-one-road-global-lens/ The One Belt One Road Chinese initiative that was proposed in 2013, had a global curtain raiser through its first ever international co-operation conference held in Beijing on May 14 and 15, 2017, indeed had a global ring. It was attended by 1500 people from more than 130 nations. 28 countries [...]

The Iran Phobia

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/the-iran-phobia/ President Donald Trump, in the recently concluded, much debated and criticized, Arab-Islamic-American Summit has made a long term financial commitment to fuel sectarian hostilities in the Middle East. Even if it makes a lot of commercial sense for the United States with the creation of jobs, jobs, jobs for the Americans, [...]

Tackling the Rashomon Effect in Afghanistan

Tackling the Rashomon Effect in Afghanistan By Dr. Huma Baqai and Qudsia Khaliq Published in Hilal Magazine: http://hilal.gov.pk/index.php/layouts/item/2804-tackling-the-rashomon-effect-in-afghanistan The international community for good reason is yet once again stepping up efforts to find a peaceful solution to bring Afghanistan out from the 16 years long conflict with the Taliban. This is largely because the fragile [...]

New surges in Afghanistan

New Surges in Afghanistan By Huma Baqai Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/new-surges-afghanistan/ The Pentagon chief says Taliban were “surging” in Afghanistan. The Taliban had a good year last year; they are trying to have a good one this year. Right now I believe the enemy is surging. The new policy that is to be presented [...]

Charity and terror financing

Charity and Terror Financing By Huma Baqai Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/charity-terror-financing/ The link between charity and terror financing is also a phenomenon which jelled in the eighties. Many charitable and service organizations emerged that served as fronts for international terrorist groups, providing them funding, material, recruits and more. Authorities globally have failed to take [...]

Sixth Population and Housing Census, 2017

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/sixth-population-and-housing-census-2017/ The last census in Pakistan was conducted in 1998 since then there are mere estimates that Pakistan works with for policy making. Constitutionally Pakistan is bound to conduct census every 10 years. The March 2017 census are taking place after a gap of two decades. They were delayed twice, this [...]

Jang Forum: From Zarb-e-Azb to Radd-ul-Fesad

ECO Summit: Potentials and Pitfalls

Published in Pakistan Observer: http://pakobserver.net/eco-summit-potentials-and-pitfalls/ Pakistan in the midst of fighting a terror wave and experiencing the worst phase of relations with both India and Afghanistan, hosted a day-long ten nation Economic Cooperation Organization summit. The summit adopted Islamabad declaration and vision 2025, a plan to expand trade and prosperity among member states. Turkey, Pakistan [...]

Pak-India ties, repercussions for the region

By Dr. Huma Baqai (Published in Pakistan Observer) POST the latest break-down in India-Pakistan relations even normalization seen distinct where soldiers on both sides are targeted and killed and the hostilities are now not just confined to the LoC. Pakistan-India relations are much more than a bilateral conflict which blows hot and cold over Kashmir. [...]

A Ticking Water Bomb between India and Pakistan

(Published in Hilal Magazine and Global Village Space) What’s ticking between Pakistan and India is not the nuclear bomb, but the water bomb. For years international relations strategists have warned that wars in the future would be over resources. Water: a diplomatic weapon Post-recent tensions in South Asia, Prime Minister Narendera Modi suspended meetings of [...]

Session on Trump Muslim-ban policies

Jang Forum: Maqboza Kahmir, Jadojehad-e-Azadi ki nayi leher