ISLAMABAD: Prominent political analyst Dr. Huma Baqai urged media to act in a responsible manner while discussing sensitive issue of Pak-India relations.

Talking to Radio Pakistan while commenting on progress in talks between Pakistan and India, she termed the atmosphere of talks between the two countries as slightly better.


She said Indian establishment is showing positive trends at present and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his recent statement has said that it would be a success of his government if ties with Pakistan are improved.

Dr. Baqai said security mindset in both countries is vital in improving ties and atmosphere will further improve if security agencies of the two countries establish their ties. She added a regional option is needed to resolve Afghan issue and good ties between Pakistan and India are required for it.

She said some extremists and hawkish lobbies present in both India and Pakistan want to maintain status quo and they do not back peace efforts.


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